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Created with experience, expertise and enthusiasm, this is a school that offers quality English language courses to help you reach your potential.
Helen Armstrong founder of Teal Language Studio

Teal Language Studio founder

Helen Armstrong

Teal Language Studio started because I love what I do: teaching English and developing courses to help students and teachers reach their full potential.

I’ve been teaching English for over 15 years and worked in language schools in Rome, Madrid and Barcelona and in the UK. Over the years, I’ve certainly learnt a lot about preparing classes, writing courses and delivering workshops, but I’ve also learnt what makes an effective course and how to ensure students and teachers have a positive experience whilst learning.

At TEAL Language Studio we put importance on building a community of learners, whether it’s a group of teachers chatting in a staffroom, or students sharing ideas and helping each other. We all have different goals and motivation for learning, and sharing these experiences will help us go further. As a language learner myself, it’s not just about doing grammar exercises in a book, it’s using the language in our daily lives, feeling more confident and enjoying the learning experience.
We put importance on building a community of learners.

Why an online school?

Like many other teachers, I started teaching online in March 2020. Not only was it necessary in order to continue classes during lockdown, but it was also a way to be connected to other people. I also really liked the challenge of learning a new skill. I’d done a few online courses before but nothing ‘live’ so it was interesting to learn how the different platforms worked and, of course, what could go wrong! We’ve all spoken with our microphone turned off or the screen has frozen mid-sentence!

More convenient

I found that teaching online can be just as good as the face to face classes, with the added bonus of being more convenient. I’m not a ‘tech-genius’ and I don’t think it’s a necessity for anyone teaching or learning online. I think the key to an enjoyable and productive lesson is to avoid overcomplicating the class and keep it as much as you would in a face-to-face classroom because the aim is the same - communication.
Have you ever tried coming up with a name? It’s actually quite difficult! After hours of making lists and asking for suggestions, I decided on TEAL Language Studio

Why the name?

What does it mean?

It’s one of my favourite colours (see the green/blue colour on this website). I discovered that I was using the colour a lot in my materials and presentations, clothes, jewellery, so it’s a big part of me!
Teaching and Learning 
It’s also a duck. ;-)
An English student doing an English challenge with Teal Language Studio

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