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a fun and practical way!

4 free study guides filled with top tips to practise and improve your writing, speaking, reading and listening!

Sign up for our English Language Challenge and you'll see just how much you can improve your English by doing a little bit every day!

Don't have much time to practise? 

Don't know where to start?

Build your confidence
in these skills.


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Image of the Reading Study Guide by Teal Language Studio


Image of the Writing Study Guide by Teal Language Studio


Image of the Listening Study Guide by Teal Language Studio

Over the next few weeks, we invite you to take part in our English Language Challenge. 
Do something in English every day and practise and improve your English skills now!
Suitable for all levels.

Practise, learn, share and have fun
The best: it's free!
Helen Armstrong at Teal Language Studio

Your teacher at Teal Language Studio

Helen Armstrong

I found that teaching online can be just as good as the face to face classes, with the added bonus of being more convenient.
Since I started teaching online, I've been keeping up to date with new resources, sharing ideas and experiences with other teachers and continuing to learn to make sure my students get the most out of their learning experience and have fun.
"I love connecting with my students and designing courses which meet their needs and interests.

I aim to make my classes rewarding and fun, and that students leave the class feeling positive."
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