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What is TEAL Teachers?

TEAL Teachers is a growing community of ELT professionals. Whether you work for a school or are freelancing alone, this community will support you with your classroom ideas, your professional development and your wellbeing.

We offer regular teacher development workshops and training programmes for teachers of all levels of experience and qualifications. We believe that you should never stop learning and developing in your career and we provide the space, resources and support in order to do this.


Fridays at 10:30 CET

Topics Include

Teaching Exam Classes 
Engaging Teenagers 
Teacher Wellbeing
Using Authentic Materials
Lesson Planning 
and much more!
Teal Teachers connecting on their Friday Workshop

Language Schools

Looking for ideas for your staff?

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for your school.
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What teachers say...

An active and supportive community.

«Only when cast adrift by the pandemic and the closure of where I worked, did I realise what a social activity teaching is and how much I missed the staffroom. The staffroom has always been a place where you can bounce ideas around and try things out, and these Friday workshops have been the place to do just that. It's been a real pleasure to be part of such an active and supportive community.»


A space to connect

«The online workshops have been a fantastic way to collaborate with colleagues and learn from other professionals. At a time when we are all feeling a bit isolated they have provided a much needed space to connect and share ideas. The content has been varied and interesting, and I always come out with new ideas and feeling motivated. It's also a great way to grow your professional network and find support in lots of areas; whether it's for teaching practice, practical advice on job applications or how to deal with paperwork - someone in the group will be able to help! It's great to be a part of it..»


A life saver!

«The Friday workshops have been a life saver in these last few turbulent months giving me a sense of belonging. Not only are they of great value developmentally but are helpful and informative -
a welcome reminder as to why we chose this profession in the first place.Its a place to share, learn and have fun -highly recommendable .
Thank you !!!»


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